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Why support HOST?

HOST is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity. Founded 25 years ago by the British Council, The Victoria League and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, HOST no longer receives funding from our founders.

Our financial support comes directly from application fees and grants from charitable trusts and other organisations. Indirectly, we are greatly supported by the time freely given by our volunteer regional organisers, and the generous hospitality of our hosts.

There is no other organisation in the UK (nor, as far as we know, in the world) which promotes international goodwill and understanding in quite the way HOST does—making students far from their own countries welcome in private homes.

If you would like to support this work, please donate through Big Give or send a cheque or postal order to


Unit K 106

The Biscuit factory

Tower Bridge Business Complex

100 Clements Road


SE16 4DG


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If you would like to support HOST UK by being sponsored for something, set up your page on so people can support you with donations.

Support HOST UK by becoming a Friend and donate a small amount once a year to help keep HOST running. Part of all donations also go towards a Hardship Fund to help struggling students go on a HOST visit.

Shop online using Easy Fundraising and every time you buy something, money will be donated to HOST UK, without any extra charge to you!

To make a one-off donation to HOST UK, please donate through the Big Give. You can also Gift Aid your donation so HOST UK will receive an extra 25p through HMRC.

Recycle your inkjet cartridges and mobile phones to help us raise much needed funds through .

For every phone or cartridge donated, HOST UK receives up to £30.

With thousands of  designs to choose from, there is a card for everyone. For every card you buy through Charity Cards, part of the profit is donated to HOST UK.

If you would like to think of HOST's work continuing for many years, please consider adding a legacy in favour of HOST to your existing will, or remember HOST when you make a will.