Hosts - Host Stories

It was a pleasure to have this guest in the house. She was keen to learn about our culture and share her own.

Jim Givan, Aberdeenshire


Our guest cooked our family a traditional Chinese meal.We had great fun and it was a pleasure to have her in our home.This was our first time as hosts, and we found it to be a very rewarding experience.

Ann Gordon, Armagh, N Ireland


Our guest was very friendly and joined in well with everything we did. He brought a Polish dish for Saturday lunch, which was delicious! Hosting students has always been a very enjoyable way of knowing a bit of other cultures and countries without jetlags or visas!

Samir Hamaia, Cambridgeshire


Often your visitors blow away your preconceptions of people from a particular country.

Margaret Nock, Carmarthenshire, Wales


She was delighted to discover that there are other English dishes apart from fish and chips! On these visits we learn so much from each other. It is an immense privilege to provide the student's first experience of English family life.

Kate Gough, Derbyshire



This was a most enjoyable experience. The trick was to pretty much carry on as normal, and not try to treat him as a guest, but as one of the family. He asked for this beforehand and that is what we did.

Catherine Devenish, Devon


My tips: Explain quirks of your home especially plumbing. Have spare gloves, hats, slippers in case of cold weather & student not bringing these items. Allow them time to be at peace in their own room.

Jenny Gustafson, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland


Everything was special. Tang is a perfect ambassador for her country. We were delighted with her and certainly hope to meet up again. She has been quite isolated here in the UK and this was her first interaction with Brits and she loved it.

T Richard Owens, Gwynedd, Wales


It is so satisfying to feel you are doing something to improve international relations.

Mandy Talbott, Lincolnshire


It is fun and very good for the family - we all sat down and played a board game, the first time in years!

Andren Pears, London


HOST-ing gives a unique insight into students' different cultures, expectations and assumptions, while demonstrating that we all have more in common than divides us.

Lesley Webb, West Yorkshire


Ayaka was wonderful with the children. They loved dressing up in Japanese clothes and her teaching them origami and how to write their names in Japanese. She was very willing to be involved in all we were doing and joined in with enthusiasm.

Helen Shields, Wiltshire


Just have a go. It's an interesting experience, having someone stay in your home from a different culture. You will probably learn as much as them. I know it's a bit of an ask, when we all lead such busy lives, to have to entertain a stranger in your home just when you want to relax, but it's good to share every now and then. Go on. Reach out the hand of friendship.

Cherril Leech, Buckinghamshire