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If you would like to promote hosting to your friends, family and local area, there are materials available to help you do this. Please contact Vidushi at the office and we will happily send you some material..


Press Releases

If you wish to feature HOST in your publication, please feel free to use any of the press releases below. You can also contact us for a copy of our logo and any photographs.

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Would you like to invite an adult international student at a UK university to spend a day or a weekend with you? Students are keen to learn about life here, and to share their own culture. HOST is a voluntary scheme, promoting international understanding and goodwill. or call HOST on 020 7739 6292.


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Here's an inviting opportunity!

International students at UK universities come from China, India, the USA, Eastern Europe – all over the world, in fact.

Some would love to visit a British home, make friends, find out about our way of life and share their own culture with their hosts.

HOST is a voluntary organisation arranging one-off weekend and Christmas invitations with hospitable people who see this as an interesting thing to do and a worthwhile contribution to good international relations.

Could you offer an invitation?

See or call 0207 739 6292 to be put in touch with your local organiser.


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An Inviting Opportunity

People come from all over the world to study at universities in the UK. Apart from gaining (often post-graduate) qualifications, they hope to immerse themselves in the life, language and culture of this country; only to find that the university is not the best place to achieve this.

The ‘real Britain’ is found outside the big cities, in towns and villages, and in people’s homes. You can get to know what makes a country tick by chatting to the natives, cooking and eating with them, asking their views, and seeing their views when they take you to their favourite local places. And in sharing their own culture with their hosts, students from China, India, the USA, the Middle East… can make their countries come alive too.

Hosting a student for one weekend, or at Christmas, or just a day, makes a personal contribution to international understanding and goodwill. If you would like to know more please visit, or call HOST 020 7739 6292.

HOST is a national charity founded in 1987 by the British Council, the Victoria League and the Foreign Office. Hosting students is a voluntary activity.