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Applying for a HOST visit

Jarway and Kwailin with their hosts' pet dog

Before you begin


After submitting your application, it will be authorised by your institution. We will then send it to one of HOST’s regional organisers (RO). The RO lives in the region you will be visiting and knows the hosts there personally. ROs are volunteers who work in their free time. Your RO will contact you, and then look for the best invitation for you. You can find a map of the regions (counties) in the UK here.


IMPORTANT: Please check your email AND your Spam/Junk folder frequently for messages. Sadly, important messages from ROs to students are sometimes missed because they are treated as Spam.

NOTE: By entering your details into the HOST application form, you confirm that you give HOST permission to collect, process and disseminate this information in order to facilitate your visit.