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I consider HOST visit as one in a life time chance. Earlier you take part, more chance you will get. I truly regret not going to host visits earlier in my student life. And the people who actually host in their houses, they will definitely make you feel like home. I almost forgot what home is, until I met these lovely people. I have got so many gifts from friends. But honestly, the most precious gift that I have got is the chance to meet the lovely people around the country. It totally changed my mind about the lifestyle of British people. If I had a chance, I would go to HOST visit every single week to come closer to more kind hearted people around the country.

Md. Mahbubur Rahman Khan, Bangladesh


It was a unique opportunity for me to 'dive' in Scottish history, culture and society. It was much more than I expected, with visits to museums and historical sites, but also in terms of knowing how life is, both in family and community levels.

Aloisio Lopes Pereira de Melo, Brazil


Yi-Wen, University of Exeter and Prunella, Devon

British people are friendly. I felt so honoured when I was introduced to neighbours and friends. Host has enabled me to see to what extent they are receptive and integrate diversity.

Ibrahim Peghouma, Cameroon


Our hosts just went above and beyond in every aspect. They are kindhearted, caring and very sociable. They made this trip wonderful-  delicious, plentiful food - gorgeous house -lots of beautiful walks in the countryside. It snowed when we were there which simply added to the beauty.

Pheroze Unwalla, Canada

I have already told every friends I met in England about this project and let them to apply for the host weekend. It is a very good opportunity to experience the British life and communicate with the local people.

Yin Chen, China


Was worried before meeting the host, I suppose everyone will  be. However all those feeling turn into pleasant one by the warm welcome given by host and it turned to be a wonderful visit. It is an opportunity to experience culture and tradition of UK. Never try never know ^-^.

Bernard Chun, Malaysia



I am a Chinese, my English is not good at all. But the host is very patient and kindly for us. I had a very great great time in this visit. 

Ming Fai Yeung, Hong Kong


During these 3 days, I have met with wonderful British family; I had a chance to see how traditional British family live. During whole year of my study in UK I did not have real British environment like this, because I lived with girls from my country and studied with mostly international students. So even if I lived in a UK whole year, I feel real British environment only in these 3 days.

Saule Aimaganova, Kazakhstan


I couldn’t believe that there is that kinds of families in England. I have never felt so welcome and loved than in this family. They took me horseriding which was special for me. Also they said that I can always go back to them if I want. My host family was the best ambassadors for the UK!

Liisa Koskela, Finland


Anushka, India and Alex, Hampshire

The most memorable and exciting moment for me was boating on the canal boat!!! And this was double excited and interesting when my host told me a lot of stories about the history of the canals in England.

Evgeniya Vasilyeva, Russian Federation


There's no better way to understand British culture and tradition than to live with the locals! HOST provided the opportunity to do just that. It was a once a lifetime experience so don't miss it.

Liying Chen, Singapore


It is a unique and excellent experience. It is good to know and experience other different culture deeply. It is also a good practice to be a good guest!

Hanpei Tseng, Taiwan


How friendly the people of England can be if you try to understand them a bit more.

Muhammad Jaffar, Pakistan


I particularly found my host to be very considerate and a nice host. Also, the regional organiser has  done her best in matching up people by taking into account requests and lifestyle as much as possible. So overall, quite impressive.

Saroj Srisai, Thailand


I was not expecting so many differences between American and English cultures. But from the food to entertainment to politics there was always something new and different to learn about. My visit was enlightening and refreshing and I've learned more in a weekend HOST visit about British culture on than I have at the British University I've been attending for months. It's really worth it!

Molly Rutledge, USA


We had an amazing Christmas holiday with our host family in small village by the River Thames. Many thanks indeed to the family for...hospitability...kindness...funny stories...crazy presents… delicious food… meaningful church services… walking… tea, coffee and cakes… tips for my dissertation… politics… geography… culture… travel... AND love between people in the family!

Anh Bach Thi Hoai, Vietnam